Work hard. Play hard. Right? Join the Enjoy Beer team in exploring some of our favorite beer drinking experiences – those places that stick out in our mind as much as the beer in our hand. In the last of our three part series, we reveal the unusual places we’ve had a beer. Trust us – you’ll just have to see it to believe.

What is the most unusual place you’ve had a beer?

Adam: Bright Angel Campground in the depths of the Grand Canyon! After a grueling eight-mile hike from rim to river with 50 pound packs, how amazing is it to find your Park Ranger friend has packed the food boxes with ice and cold craft beers for your arrival at the campsite?! Crack one open and marvel at the walls of the canyon. 

Bright Angel Campground Grand Canyon, AZ

Bright Angel Campground Grand Canyon, AZ


Rich: The first time I walked out of a bar in New Orleans with a to-go cup and finished my beer on a trolley to the garden district.

The famous New Orleans "To Go" cup! Photo Credit: New in New Orleans

The famous New Orleans “To Go” cup!
Photo Credit: New in New Orleans


BK: While becoming more and more common for churches turning into bars, restaurants and breweries, I’d say one of the more unique for me would be a current brewery that made the transformation from church to funeral home to daycare to brewery. There are more than a handful of other unusual occasions and drinking locations that would probably be best shared over a beer.

Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, MI Photo Credit: The Rapidian

Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, MI
Photo Credit: The Rapidian


Archie: On the Danube River in Bavaria! On a group trip to Germany, we were told we would head out mid-morning for a special second breakfast. We loaded on the busses and headed a half hour or so north of Munich. We meet the Hölzl Floßfahrten crew at a large timber raft in Vohburg. We float down the crystal clear Danube while we sip on German Hefe’s and snack on Schweinsbratwürstl. We meander through Bavaria beset by granite cliffs and hops growing on the hills above us. We eventually begin to negotiate the Donaudurchbruch Gorge until we come to 1400- year old Kloster Weltenburg where the trip ends with lunch and Benedictine monk brewed Dunkel.

Weltenburg Abbey Bavaria Photo Credit:

Weltenburg Abbey Bavaria
Photo Credit:


Jessica: The brewery-visiting quest has taken us to the most unexpected places. I’ve had beer from a brewery built in a historical fortress on an island near Helsinki, Finland, and also in the backyard shed of a nanobrewer in Oregon after I cajoled him into letting me visit his brewing site when I found out his taproom wasn’t where his beer was brewed. I’ve had beers in a former church (Atwater Brewery in Grosse Point Park, Michigan) and a former funeral home (Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, Michigan), as well as a casino (Brew Brothers, Reno, NV), a former Kellogg plant (21st Amendment Brewery, San Leandro, CA), and a former elementary school (McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland, OR).

Suomenlinna Fortress Helsinki, Finland Photo Credit:

Suomenlinna Fortress Helsinki, Finland
Photo Credit:


David & Troy: How about drinking Abita with some wild pigs in the Bahamas? Drop the mic.

Swimming Pigs Big Major Cay, Bahamas

Swimming Pigs, Big Major Cay, Bahamas


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