I can remember the first brewery I every toured. It was Grand Teton Brewing Company (GTBC) in Victor, Idaho. My sister’s then-girlfriend (now wife), had just picked up me and my sister from five days of backpacking in the Grand Tetons, and we were now road tripping west to Portland, OR, and then south down the coast to San Francisco. The intent of the trip had been to follow the Lewis and Clark trail, but things soon took a turn as we cruised past GTBC’s facility at 9am and saw a sandwich board out front for their open tasting room. A brewery with a tasting room? Beer before 10am? Why not?!

Work hard. Play hard. Right? Join the Enjoy Beer team in exploring some of our favorite beer drinking experiences – those places that stick out in our mind as much as the beer in our hand. In the last of our three part series, we reveal the unusual places we’ve had a beer. Trust us – you’ll just have to see it to believe.


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